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Football Full Charge by Pond’s Men #FaceKaCharger

#Ourwork Travel Ankush Sohoni • February 20, 2015
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Varun Dhawan and Baichung Bhutia, wake up a sleepy film set with a friendly game of football in the latest film for Pond’s Men, created by Jack in the Box Worldwide and produced by Sniper. The film, featuring the Bollywood heartthrob and India’s football legend squaring it off in an intense game, addresses the young Indian male.

JITBWW reinforces the brand connect of the stars with Pond’s Men having identified specific sports that are associated conventionally with machismo. The product is integrated with high energy action on screen, engaging audiences and driving brand awareness, while creating resonance in the consumer’s mind as the preferred brand for skin care.

Hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel for Pond’s Men, JITBWW mobilized influencers to share the film on their social handles. Twitterati took the film to new heights with various Twitter influencers sharing the film and generating buzz around the video.

The extent of attention that the film received on Twitter led us to give fans a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Varun and Baichung in several candid moments.

At 2,352,326 in the first TEN days after release, YouTube views continue to grow, lending qualitative success to the concept. The video will also be edited for television and be released in cinemas, in addition to digital and social channels.

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