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Sach is Life

#WHATELSE Travel Saif Shaikh • November 10, 2016
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Sachin Tendulkar – the name needs no introduction!

For now, the shouting & hooting has subsided, the wave after wave of celebrations and eruptions of joy, just to see one man walking out to the center will be a thing of the folklore, the mind-boggling NUMBERS that he piled up, will speak volumes forever and ever.

He was DESTINED for GREATNESS when he walked out for the very first time in 1989 against Pakistan.23 years 1 month and 8 days to be precise, the CRICKETING GENIUS, has just amazed us. He has toiled for years, and it’s all the dedication that he has had for so many years that has placed him above everyone.

The word RESPECT is synonymous with You, Oh Master.

You have had the power to turn off T.V sets the moment you took the long walk back to the pavilion. Memories, the word is an understatement as to what you have given us in the span your illustrious star-studded career. Ripping apart, one of the greatest spinners of all time, Shane Warne, at Sharjah, can never ever be forgotten. Australia witnessed a storm; it was the Sachin Sandstorm Knock indeed.

At Bristol, during the 1999 World Cup, you showed us what DEDICATION truly is. After performing the last rites of your father, you walk out and portray Masterclass by scoring a rampaging 140.It takes a lot more than dedication to do something like that, hours after losing the person who raised you. An image of you since then has imbibed in the minds all of us of you looking heavenwards whenever you reach a milestone. You have seen some of the most testing times in your career, injuries hit you in quick succession, but you came out stronger than ever before. Someone said, “The Master’s time is up”, what people missed out on doing was, going and whispering in his ear, “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.”As always, you let your bat do the talking. Taking bowlers to the fence at will.

A monumental feat was achieved on February 24 in Gwalior. You added another jewel to your crown of achievements. You re-wrote the record books, (which has been your habit over the years), by becoming the first ever man to score double hundred in an ODI game against South Africa. Truly said by Ravi Shastri on your achievement, “…It’s the Superman from India.”

Despite conquering practically everything, one Dream remained, winning the ICC Cricket World Cup. As you have done over the years, you played a huge role in India being crowned as the World Champions.Defeating Australia in the quarters was a battle won in itself.

Then came a FINAL before the Final, the stage was set.

India vs Pakistan, Semifinals.

Here it was where you lead a Semi Charmed life. *Winks*.

Nevertheless, you were instrumental. You were, The Man of the Match.

April 2, 2011, in front of your home crowd, the place where you belong, the place where you were Destined to be crowned as a World Champ. Master, you helped in the realization of a Billion Dreams. Living up to the stature of a God that we revere you as, you answered the prayers of BILLIONS. The wait you had for 22 years to lift the World Cup was fulfilled. A lean patch had to mess up the fine tunes your willow was playing, stranded on 99 International Hundreds.


1 year 4 days to be precise, you went without reaching a triple figure mark. The pressure of reaching the 100th 100 was immense, at least I got an idea of the pressure when you said, “No one spoke about the 99 centuries scored, everyone was just talking about the 100th 100.” The World Cup final went by (where the whole world would have loved to see the bat pointing heavenwards), Lords, The Mecca of Cricket also couldn’t witness History, we all waited. Better late than never, Oh Master, on Friday, March 16, 2012, it was YOUR DAY and we have been privileged to witness HISTORY. No matter who was the opposition, the task was monumental for even a great man like you.

The burden of the 100th 100 had been pulling you down for a very long time, but defying all odds, you not only once again looked to the Heavens but entered a Sach-Clusive Club of the only man & you may remain as the only man to score 100 100’s.
For 23 Years you enthralled us, you carried the hopes of billions across the globe. From the time you walked out into the center to face the bowlers, the nation held its breath.
Exhilaration when the delivery kissed the sweet spot of your one of a kind of willow and disappeared to the fence, a sigh of relief when it whizzed past the outside edge.

Persistence, Determination & Patience define you.

You have been a great role model and an inspiration to one and all.

Thank you for carrying the burden for so long. I won’t put down your STATS, the world is already in awe of them. Retirement from One Day Internationals will not be an apt word, giving the format a REST would be.

For us, Cricket is a religion & yes, You are its God.

People treat you as a God, not because we fancy it, but it is plainly due to the stature you have carved out of yourself through a passion, a passion for serving the nation.
(For all CRITICS, a man who plays for records wouldn’t retire on 49 ODI Centuries, so Think again!)
Indeed, you were sent from the heavens to play this Game and return back up there.


Thank you, The God of Cricket!

Thank you, Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Indeed, Sach, Is Life.

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