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#LOVE120 Travel Priyanca Vaishnav • November 25, 2016
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I’ve been known to give rockstar foot massages to close friends (whose feet I know won’t jam my olfactories). For that matter, a few people at work have ooh-ed and aah-ed from my back massages as well. But not so long ago, one close pal turned around to ask, “Where do you get yours?”

Well, there’s always the neighbourhood spa. Then again, the need for a relaxing healing touch is often most felt when one’s finances are cramped too!

With the demons of demonetization of currency notes haunting ATMs and not all of us swiping our cards at the drop of a hat, this has been a time to scrimp on spends.

So last Friday, #LOVE120 spiked when TimeSaverz visited the 120 office with free foot massages!

Armed with a couple of foot massage machines and plenty of portable chargers for phones, the TS guys spent the day giving us no chance to refuse some time off!

A few of us decided to finish quick meetings and con calls while having our foot muscles crushed back to health as well.

But I think the sight was most entertaining for those who witnessed it from outside the room, or even the meeting room next door. (Hail glass doors!) Some of us ended up guffawing at the moaning and ooh-ing and aah-ing Ranjana and quite a few of us (yours truly included!) who ended up being ticklish and giggling the first few minutes of the deal.

On a serious note, the machines were clean and the whole thing was pretty well planned. The two reps from TS made sure we registered, and they called us promptly too. Of course, I managed to miss the call the first time around because when Truecaller flashed, I wondered “who the hell is Dhaval?”

I wonder what the interns and noobs made of it. I know the guests sitting in the lounge were plain bizzared. A freelancer who had come in for our weekly editorial meeting was so shocked I had to have her sit in on a session to believe her eyes and stop them from popping out!

We’ve had the usual head and back masseurs a few times at work. Sujay (while he was still here – and we miss you, Suj!) on several occasions even got one or the other office boy (usually Santosh) to give him one of those Snapchat-worthy head massages. But this topped them all.

Having come from one of those cool new media companies who offer a pot load of pointless freebies, I can tell you nothing beats some legit time off. When it comes with the promise of fresh rigour, the deal just becomes twice as sweet.

Won’t deny it, I’m looking forward to a next time soon!

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