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Values over excellence

#LOVE120 Travel Ratna Gandhi • January 30, 2017
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Spirituality, a topic which I personally feel very passionate about, places a lot of emphasis on thinking before doing. After all, humans are the only species blessed with the power to discriminate between right and wrong.  Of course, there are many views on what constitutes right and wrong, based on personal experiences, situations, and so on. My intention, in writing this blog, tis not to give gyaan about what is right and wrong. I just feel that it is important to stop and think sometimes, before doing, and to operate within certain behavioural guidelines. Being kind, helpful and truthful is obviously way better than cheating, criticising others, or even mocking them for their looks  (if they’re not in line with your idea of perfection) – but we all often lose sight of this, even though we were taught this “good behaviour” as children.

Let’s look at a simple example, and one which people who drive cars will relate to. When we are driving, we don’t speed, take a sudden turn, back up or apply the brakes, or generally act before we look around and analyze the situation. We are thinking about our actions, and applying them at high speed, without even realising it.

However, when we react to people and situations, judge or make remarks which we may feel are justified from our own perspective, without knowing the reasons, perspective or situation of the opposite person that led them to do something that does not agree with us, we are effectively acting without thinking.

Spirituality, as applied in daily life, teaches us to think before we act, because we don’t know the burden that the other person may be bearing. A little kindness, and a little understanding goes a long way.

There is a saying that you must experience love at least once in your lifetime, in order to have fully lived. I believe that we should all try to follow something bigger and better than ourselves (something which I define as “spirituality”) at least once in our lifetimes in order to become more aware of our surroundings and the people who surround us. It’s not just about being human but more about being a better human every day, otherwise we may just find that life overwhelms us entirely.

So let’s be a little kinder to those around us, and let’s think before we do (and even speak) and we may all find that the world becomes a nicer place to be.

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