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Reaching the world on Instagram #TUIscover

#Ourwork Travel Shabaz Malik • February 1, 2016
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Most travellers scour various platforms and profiles in order to find relevant information about in destination, in the hope to make their trip memorable. JITBWW solved this dilemma by bringing the world at the smartphone user’s fingertips.

The country’s leading leisure travel company, TUI India creates bespoke experiences for travellers. With the world using Instagram, among the easiest interfaces and a fun, brief photoblogging platform, @TUIscover_the_secrets offers Instagrammers a go-to place to discover exotic new experiences on a smartphone tap.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words – the agency leveraged the power of rich visuals on its Instagram page. With a view to showcase TUI India as a master of distinct local experiences: cuisines, culture, sports and much much more, users are in for the new every week!


@TUIscover_the_secrets highlights these unique experiences from various countries – all in one go. Here’s how…

The 12-piece world map and hashtags remain constant on the @TUIscover_the_secrets page. Tapping an image reveals nation-profiles tagged in the image. Delving deeper into these country profiles leads to a new 6-piece highlight each week. JITBWW created 100 such country-profiles, each with a picture showcasing a unique fact about the region.

JITBWW’s expertise shines in the extensive utilisation of the platform. The team has explored the use of photo tags as well as hashtags, profile creations, excellent visuals and curation of visual content that would appeal to the insatiable wanderlust of the new age backpacker.

Themes covered so far include ‘Games Around The Globe’ and ‘World Cuisines”.

You can follow @TUIscover_the_secrets for exciting new facts about your next holiday destination every Tuesday.

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