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#Ourwork Travel Ajinkya Ketkar • December 22, 2016
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We see so many recipe videos doing the rounds on the internet. They look and feel more or less the same, with their format being very generic and templatized.

Since Wai Wai stands for all things fun and quirky, we decided to have our own wicked spin on this format. Not only does the video showcase Wai Wai’s versatility and the zillion ways it can be had, but also how it has people from every nook and corner of the country hooked to its taste.

Syncing their quirks with some really interesting recipes, we present to you a recipe video like never before

Herein we see a Haryanwi dude trying to cook a gourmet dish.

I thank everyone involved in its making to let this piece see the light of day. With everyone laughing throughout the shoot, it was nothing short of a mad experience.

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