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Why I keep going back to Thailand…

#Shutterbug Travel Sunoyna Roy • May 22, 2017
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why i keep going back to thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries that I’ve ever visited. Precisely why I keep going back to it, each time exploring a different side to it. This summer, it was the South of Thailand for me (and family).

why i keep going back to thailand

Our first leg of the tour was Phuket, the largest island in Thailand.
It was already a great start to the tour when our hotel happened to be situated only minutes away from the beach. So, what came next was pure sensory pleasure, from rustic old Thai villas to tropical flowers and trees in full bloom. Couldn’t think of a better time to visit this island!

why i keep going back to thailand

My sister and I wandered around and beyond our resort (on one of these huge bikes they’d given us) and landed up at one of the quietest beaches we’d come across, that looked exactly like an Instagram upload with turquoise waters, white sands and absolutely no chaos—basically, the entire purpose of the vacation fulfilled.

Then came Koh Phi Phi. Yes, we made it there too! And it was easily one of the best experiences that we’ve had, sailing and floating in the lagoon waters like there was no going back from there. I guess it’s really these little pleasures in life that make life worthwhile. Touchwood.

We returned to Phuket that night and explored the local night market (which is a pretty popular concept in Thailand) and shopped little things you don’t otherwise find in India and also explored the local eateries. Of course, the food was the best part of the trip!

why i keep going back to thailand

Next stop was Koh Samui—you’ve already heard too much about it, and probably experienced it too, but this was my first time! The beaches there beat the one we stumbled upon on our first day and we went nuts snapping pictures for Instagram. Don’t blame us, when you have a private pool to yourself with all kinds of exotic trees and flowers surrounding it, it’s okay to flaunt! We also snapped pictures of this cool coconut ice cream we ate that was served in an actual coconut shell—because that’s how you do it!

why i keep going back to thailand

Oh well, so we bid adieu to the beaches and headed to the capital city of Bangkok—our last stop before the trip ended and it was time to head back to the Bay. One must-visit on our list was the reputed Chatuchak Market, another local night market that has something, and a lot more, for everyone! And what an experience it was, as we hoarded on all the little things we could find and bargained our hearts out on calculators—yes, the Thai bargain on calculators!

The food front at Chatuchak turned out to be a bit tricky for a vegetarian like me, but I still took pleasures in the macaroons and desserts. Thank God for desserts, you know.

All in all, it was another great trip to Thailand and no doubt I shall be going back there again soon. For each time that I do, I come back with a newer perspective and isn’t that what life is all about? Perspectives. Cheers!

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