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When I got to cover the Justin Bieber #PurposeTourIndia concert…

#WHATELSE Travel Shreya Contractor • May 23, 2017
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Well, not as much cover it, as enjoy it, for it was the sweetest birthday present from a very special friend at work, who goes by the name of VeeDee

So, as if my job wasn’t cool enough already, with the amount of exposure I receive on-ground and in-house, I was now attending the first ever Justin Bieber concert in India. To a (former teenage) #Belieber, this was what dreams were made of!

So how was the Justin Bieber concert?
Well, if you skipped the media hype, because the world’s filled with all kinds of critics, then I’d say, the Justin Bieber #PurposeTourConcert was one helluva experience!

There were kids, literally 13-14 year-olds, who flew in from all four directions, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Gujarat (yes, I chatted up quite a few), all amped up for their first ever JB concert—obvs. But what wasn’t, was how they managed to drag their parents along too, all the way to the Platinum section. Seriously though, did mom and dad pay 25k a pop too? Maybe, maybe!

So the concert was on, and the beats were pretty swell, only to realize it was Alan Walker on stage! Yes, the Faded singer who almost nobody recognized till he finally played the song as his closing act. Damn, what a way to be overshadowed! Sorry, Alan, you were good but they were all just waiting on Justin Bieeeeeeber!

And there he came, finally, with all the backdrops and the theatrics, only to show up in erm…was that a jersey? Looked like Adidas, so was probably sponsored, but I don’t think you realize this, Justin, people in India dress up even to go to the mall (emphasis on India, not just Mumbai), so it may have been a bit of a downer. But all was okay as he began to sing (or lip-sync?), because, it’s Justin Bieber after all, right? C’mon, the crowds were innocent, it was sheer love for them, and even a few tears, because that’s the kind of impact an international pop star has on you when you’re a teenager with posters spread out across your bedroom walls. It’s okay—live and let live.

All in all, the energy was palpable and it was easy to close your eyes and lose yourself to the sound of the beats. And when you did open them again, Justin’s face was pretty darn close to yours (because Platinum section, haha!) and the beats only got louder and the night, better… (:

All this, and I was only doing my job—clicking pictures, shooting videos, and well, the usual. How do I not have the coolest job in here? While you’re making yours in monies, I’m making mine in memories. So a big thanks for everything! : D


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