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Social Media 101

#WHATELSE Travel Priyanca Vaishanav • February 3, 2016
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Social Media Marketing, we’ve been doing it for a while now – introducing consumers to brands in this party called the market, and getting them on first-name familiarity. There’s something comfortable about a brand that has a unique voice, identity & ideals that form a personality as opposed to a clinical entity.

When it comes to the digital landscape, we have it covered by the pros. We waved our magic wand with #WhyThisKolaveriDi and raised the bar for several other clients. On the way, we’ve learned some valuable lessons arriving at five major statements (among others) that are great works of fiction:

1. “It is just a Post, a Tweet or a #Hashtag”

Social media’s primary role is to deliver brand promise in new ways, helping consumers to engage with the brand by turning one way messaging into interactive dialogue.

2. “Facebook & Twitter are a Must”

Facebook & Twitter are not mandatory. Brands must choose their social media based on their audience.

3. “The ROI is not measurable”


“We don’t want one million new fans, we want one thousand new customers.” We have social media analytics tools like Click Through Rate, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics among others.

4. “You have to spend a lot to actually make a difference”

Social media is one business where you don’t need to outspend your competitors to beat them. Make an impact and grab attention by being different, great or first.

5. “You have to use Hashtags extensively”

Use hashtags that are relevant or innovative. Too many may irk your audience!

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