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#LOVE120 Travel Heather Gupta • December 13, 2016
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One of our values, here at The 120 Media Collective, is Transparency. We communicate openly and directly across the company, at all levels, and we believe in open and honest dialogue.

Our Town Hall meetings are one way that we make transparency a reality. The meetings are attended by all our employees, and give everyone a chance to hear more about what the company is up to, and also to put questions to senior management. Our Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Roopak Saluja, uses the sessions as a platform to share his latest thoughts; we also introduce new joinees, present our latest work and facilitate our Rockstars for the month – those employees who have been nominated for going above and beyond the call of duty. We open the floor to questions about anything, from anyone, and we give straight answers.

Our December Town Hall also featured a #120 Gyaan session from Roopak, in which he talked about his 10 biggest lessons as an Entrepreneur, inspiring us all with the knowledge he’s gained from his professional and personal journey.  And after all that, we celebrated the last Town Hall of 2016 in style with a karaoke after party in the office.

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