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Labour Day Edition: Newer professions that are absolute game-changers

#WHATELSE Travel Shreya Contractor • April 30, 2017
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…and bigger deals than you think!

It’s been established that we live in a society with a predefined set of rules for everything—the good, the bad and the ugly. From choosing whether or not to publicly display affection to deciding on freelancing for the rest of our lives, everything tends to fall in a sort of Maslow’s hierarchy of hypothetical importance—with the current scenario being corporates superseding creatives. While it may be true to an extent, we wouldn’t want to undermine the other, newer, younger, fresher professions that stand an equal chance at being breadwinners too.

So this Labour Day, let’s give a shout-out to all these newer jobs and professions that came, saw and conquered!

1. Social Media Marketing

Image credits: Media Bistro

Of course, I’d like to throw light on the importance of Social Media—but then again, you probably already know it. When you first saw that website traffic surge up by almost 31%, you didn’t think it was all SEO, did you? Yes, Search did come first and still is pretty paramount, but do not underestimate Social. An empty toast never tasted good without the butter.


2. Graphic Designing

Image credits: 2.7428.net

Just like how light travels faster than sound, visual content reaches you faster than written content. Yes, you know it, but it’s time you acknowledged it too. Design practically comprises your brand identity, recognition and recall. So for those that think it’s only a play of colours, fonts and quirky text—look deeper. Because kerning is legit business.


3. Copywriting

Image credits: 3Blog.Kissmetrics

So you’re a writer? Oh fab! You possess the unique ability to be able to paint a rosy picture in your readers’ minds. Except, they don’t quite have the time for it. They’re either busy or lazy, so those perfectly crafted 500 words will never make it to them. This is where your copywriter ‘boss’ comes in and scraps out about 475 of them to make an impact that’s stronger. For real! Now what do we say…less is just more.


4. Set Designing

Image credits: Pinterest

This has got to be the most underrated job in the industry today. All those backdrops in TVCs and photoshoots don’t just magically complement each other; there’s some serious effort put in there. Your content, visuals, directors even, could all be in place, but if that vibe doesn’t quite match up, it may as well all be for nothing. So don’t take ‘em for granted!


5. Experiential Marketing

Image credits: MakeItHappen

This one’s the newest kid on the block, but what a game-changer it’s proven to be! Marketing strategies just went from reaching out to consumers to consuming them altogether, and the YOLO way of life seems to have found a way to monetize itself. And look, no one’s even complaining—in fact enjoying—so let’s take this seriously too, shall we?

Just saying! There’s all kinds of goods in the world, if only you’d broaden your minds. So ending this on a note from Aibileen Clark (The Help): You is kind. You is smart. You is important.



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