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#WHATELSE Travel Suruchi Shetty • November 7, 2016
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What happens when you seek things out of the routine? When you are made to look beyond your regular scope of work? Well, to begin with, you see things differently… your thoughts are triggered when there are new perspectives in play.

That’s exactly what we wanted to showcase at this Gyaan session, in a context most relatable to the team members, which would help them explore new thoughts & ideas. And what better than designing the presentation framework around the thoughts of one of the most brilliant ad men, David Ogilvy. His famous quote, “The consumer is not a moron. She is your wife. Don’t insult her intelligence and don’t shock her”, sums up the reason why we should take keen interest in understanding our consumers, talking to them & gaining insights that will help our work/campaign strike a chord with them.

At any given day, we are so consumed with our work & hence usually stick with our routine of talking to clients, mining thoughts within our heads & workstations, discussing with internal team members, executing ideas and so on & so forth.


While we do study consumer insights from clients, conduct primary research as and when the brief demands it, what we miss doing is TALKING with our audience on a regular basis. It’s important to understand their beliefs, attitudes, behaviors. After all the definition of ‘Insights’ is seeing below the surface.  And through this you will arrive at your ‘AHA moment’!


With an employee strength of almost 200 people, we are a varied bunch of consumers ourselves! And the point to drive at this session was- one doesn’t have to go out looking for consumers & talking to them… The brands we work on have their consumers or maybe potential consumers (category users) within our workstations.


And, this is what we did:

  • Shortlisted 4 brands we are currently working on
  • Identified one of our team members within the office who consumes the brand or the product category
  • Created a wireframe of topics we would cover while talking to the consumer (Profiling, touch points, online behavior, category usage & attitude, brand insights, recommendations)
  • Present this understanding to the team present

We concluded the session by conducting a small exercise. People were divided in teams and were given 1 brand to work on. They had to identify the TA within their group for that particular brand, understand his/her behavior & attitude towards the brand & category and present the same.


At the end of this exercise, thoughts were triggered, ideas were exchanged, dialogues were initiated & most importantly a new perspective was weaved into our daily chaotic lives ☺

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