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Where did my digital advertising spends go?

#WHATELSE Travel Saif Shaikh • April 10, 2017
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Google has been having a few eventful weeks in the US and UK off-late thanks to the search giant showcasing ads next to NSFW content. The consequences –

– 200+ brands have decided to stop advertising from the network.

– Estimated loss of advertising for Google – $750 million (That equals to almost 60% of India’s total digital advertising budget.

With such dire consequences looming large, we wonder if there is a burning need for brands and marketers to invest more into monitoring their digital spends. To understand better, here’s a quick look at the evolution of digital media over time.

1. Manual Intervention FTW!


2. Click Frauds


3. Low viewability


4. The right ad!


5. Dominance of Facebook and Google


In such state of affairs, it remains to be seen who will take the responsibility of the money being spent wisely.

So, well, these are the challenges that call for brands to start investing into ad monitoring and testing.

Maybe, a cue should be taken by rolling back a few years to see how media planning and buying agencies did for Outdoor brands with a third party monitoring and reporting agency at the core to address similar challenges. The questions answered by the third party agency were:

1. Is the ad location as per agreement

2. Is the time frame being adhered to?

3. Are the creatives correct?

4. Do consumers have easy access to the ads (Answered visibility of the ad massively)

5. Is any objectionable content around it? (Controversies at bay!)

Source: afaqs.com

Original author: Rahul Vengalil, Founder & CEO – What Clicks

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